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New memorial appeal launched to celebrate and commemorate Italians in Scotland. Read all about the proposed Italian Cloister Garden for Glasgow.








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Benvenuti to the all new Scotsitalian website ... thanks for checking us out and joining over 29,000 people to have visited us..........

Now available to buy The Scotsitalian Handbook is a stand alone accompaniment to this website. It is available to buy from just £9.95 with all profits re-invested in this site. Please note that as each copy is printed individually by a third party, regrettably we cannot offer a refund. You are free however to preview it.


Italians, like the Scots in many respects, have been renowned for migrating to all corners of the earth, often through necessity rather than choice.

 This can be traced back as early as medieval times (even earlier if you count the Romans) when the great maritime states such as Genoa, Pisa, Naples and Venice freely traded with the rest of Europe. 

The migration of Italians to the America's and beyond is often recounted in books, films, television and countless newspaper articles.

It's a different story entirely when we talk of migration to Scotland and the Scotsitalians* themselves. There really is very little material and information out there.

Consequently, much of the content of this website comes to you from word of mouth and we rely on your help to ensure its effectiveness and ability to offer and insight into Scottish Italianness or should that be Italian Scottishness?

*Scotsitalians are also sometimes referred to as Italo-Scots.

Scotland, land of promise or wrong turn?

Many of today's Scotsitalians can trace their history directly back to the mass migration of the late 1800's where their forefathers escaped famine, drought and poverty in their homeland for a better life here in Scotland.

Scotsitalians are proud of their heritage, and justifiably so, as their ancestors worked hard to settle in their new home, overcoming problems of integration and the distance from their loved ones.

Legend has it that the great great nonni who arrived at the turn of the 19th century to Scotland mistook the ports of Greenock and Leith for New York and Boston and as their boat sailed West they were left full of dreams and ambition in Scotland instead.

Today,  Scotsitalians can be found in all manner of professions, with many excelling in their field. 

Many of you will have heard of contemporary music sensations of Paolo Nutini and Nicola Benedetti. There are numerous others in far less illustrious fields that are equally worth mentioning. What about Jonny Moscardini born in Falkirk but one of the Azzurri's most prolific goal scorers of his time.

Visit one of Scotland's towns today and the chances are you'll still come across a "Chippie" or Cafe that's been in an Italian family for decades. Find out just what would you get if you ordered a slider.

Perhaps you overheard some of the older generation talking about the tragedy of the Arandora Star or have seen pictures of the Italian Chapel in Orkney ?

This and more in the all new scotsitalian.com.

March 2010

Listen to the BBC conversation zone featuring the Italian Scots.

February 2010

A taste of Umbria's Agriturismo is coming to Glasgow's Southside the last weekend of Febraury with visiting chefs from the Piana delle Selve farm. Details from Cookie a restaurant, coffee shop and deli now open.

Acclaimed book 'Before the Earthquake' by Maria Allen transports you to life in a sleepy Campania village at the turn of the last century.

Ronnie Convery has just been named as secretary of CoCAIS (Comitato Coordinamento Associazioni Italiane in Scozia), a role inherited from Giuseppe Riato. He can be emailed direct on Ronnie.Convery@rcag.org.uk.

Be sure to visit the excellent Italian Scotland website.

Check out the latest Italian club meetings and events and news in your area


Check out West Bar Italians - new website for those that have Italian descendants living in the Sheffield area.



Read Glenys Casci's essay on Barga's Sagra del Pesce e Patate (Fish and Chip festival).

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Showfolk: The story of  Frank Codona and his family (by Frank Bruce) - a fairground dynasty that has lasted for over two hundred years in Scotland, told mostly in their own words. Travelling showfolk have been entertaining Scots for centuries and a visit to ‘the shows’ was a highlight of the year until recent memory. The Codonas are one of the longest and most established show families, having arrived from the continent in the late eighteenth century. Using original research Showfolk draws on interviews from three generations to give a vivid and richly anecdotal account of this ever-changing world enhanced by many previously unseen illustrations.
Available to Buy

Italian Chapel

Orkney Chapel

Philip Paris the author of:

The Enchanting Tale of the Italian Chapel in Orkney.

Based on the actual chapel in Orkney, this work was researched over a period of three years. This is a tale of fiction, a story of forbidden love, lifelong friendships, despair and hope all set against the dramatic Scottish backdrop.

Arandora Star

Anita Pugh's debut novel The Hokey Pokey Man is now complete.

The novel concentrates on a Welsh Italian family saga spanning around 60 years from the late 1800s touching on the tragedy of the Arandora Star. You can find out more by following the link below, which includes a detailed synopsis.  The novel is available from most on-line bookstores.


Read Anita's first draft here.

Salt 'n Vinegar or Salt 'n Sauce

Request for information for Puccetti's from Ada Smith (click to send email)

I wonder if you can help me please. I left Glasgow many years ago and lost touch with a dear friend and her husband. Isobel and Ilario Puccetti. They came from the Kelvindale area of Glasgow.  Isobel retired a good few years ago and I believe they retired back to Italy. They had one son Edward who worked for Scotrail. Ilario was a member of the Italian Club in Glasgow.  I used to visit the club with Isobel when you had your ladies film night.  If you have any information as to their whereabouts in Italy i would be really grateful or if you could pass this email on to them that would be great.Thank you in anticipation. Ada

Ice Cream Van Austin chassis 1930's

1950's Ice Cream Van

Tracing an old friend, Cesare Marini from Mary MacArthur (click to send email).

My name is Mary MacArthur and many years ago I was friendly with a lovely man called Cesare Marini. He used to work at the Casa Italia in the
seventies. I worked with his "adopted" daughter Maggie Leigh (Hayman after marriage) and enjoyed many happy Italian themed outings and meals. However, I moved to England to work in 1978 and Maggie moved to the middle east before returning to Scotland mid eighties?? Sadly we lost touch - days before email and mobile phones! I am now living back in Scotland on the island of Islay, home of all the lovely malt whisky. I would very much like to contact Maggie again and cannot find any details on the usual sites. However, I recall that Mr. Marini had four children (who must be in their forties or fifties) by now and wondered if they had kept in touch. They were Paulo, Anna, Ricardo, and Giovanna - please excuse my spelling. I know the Scots Italian community was "close knit" so i hope someone will know contact details for one of them, if not Maggie personally. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you. Mary.

Follow our Azzurri 2010 blog

Listen to the conversation zone featuring the Italian Scots

The Green Heart of Italy Comes to Glasgow for the First Time at Cookie

A taste of Umbria's Agriturismo is coming to Glasgow's Southside the last weekend of Febraury with visiting chefs from the Piana delle Selve farm. Details from Cookie restaurant, coffee shop and deli now open.


"Celebrating over 150 years of Italians in Scotland."

Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini


Forza Azzurri

World Cup 2006


www.scotsitalian.com  on  the web.....















Giorgio Granozio (RIBA-RIAS) is an Edinburgh-based architect who has also completed projects on the West Coast of Scotland. Having graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome with first-class honours, he moved to Edinburgh with his family in the 1990s. Since then he has been involved in domestic and commercial refurbishment work and new builds. As an artist he merges the spatial concepts of architecture and landscapes with an in-depth knowledge of Italian modern art history to produce highly original visual works.

For further information visit www.giorgiogranozio.com

Scottish or Italian, a crisis of identity or best of both?

This is a somewhat peculiar question but one I often asked  myself growing up. In Scotland, I was often made aware of my Italian roots and in Italy itself I was always known as l'inglese (despite my numerous but ultimately fruitless attempts at elementary geography lessons). Somehow I never really felt a 100% Scottish in Scotland or for that matter 100% Italian in Italy.

In my Cafe, the Seaview, there is Andrea Boccelli on the radio and square slice and tatty scone on the menu. A curious mix to some, comfortable to me.

Playwright Sergio Casci said in a recent interview that it wasn't until he turned thirty that he understood. Neither was he a Scot with a funny name, nor a poor relation to the locals he met when on holiday in Italy.

What he was, is a 100% pure bred Scotsitalian, part of a group with a history that spans three centuries and whose members have had an influence in business, sport and the arts that is out of proportion to their modest numbers.

I think how things have changed since our forefathers arrived in the late 19th century and what they had to endure not just to make a living but to get here in the first place.

Nowadays getting to and from Italy is a relatively easy task. Indeed many of the Italians who land fresh off the plane today are easily identifiable. Invicta backpacks for the young, long designer coats for the old and endless quest for the perfect espresso for all. Yet they as the New Italians and us in a sense as the Old have come to appreciate the same things from Scotland, the landscape, the people and the experience. In a strange twist, to some of these New Italians, (and here I'm talking about those that come to visit distant relatives or friends living here), we have become those people living in Scotland. We are that experience, or least part of that.

They take back memories of hunting "funghi" in the Trosacchs or having a chat about football with the man who has just fried them their tea.

Ultimately though I like to think I gained the best of both these worlds, a sense of fair play and good humour from my Scottish side and love of food, respect for family and tradition from my Italian side.

I suppose this is what makes me proud of my Scottish Italian roots.

Has Dolmio had its day?

We'd like to hear your  opinions on these ads. They adhere to every stereotype in the book, and yet, what would be the reaction if say a Chinese or Indian meal were portrayed in the same manner? I know these jars are a joke in many a household, and to add to that they are in fact made in Holland.

They remain however one of the UK's most recognisable brands.

So we ask you then do you find these ads slightly offensive, funny or are you indifferent.


Further to this and on a more serious note, a number of our readers have voiced their concern over the recent strikes at the Total Lindsey Refinery. Specifically referring to the BBC coverage and the use of derogatory terms used to describe Italian workers by those interviewed.

click to enlarge

Email us with your comments

Italian Language Project

Katia a student at the University of Edinburgh has forwarded us a questionnaire to help with her thesis on the Italian language and its effect amongst the Scotsitalians of today. Please help and follow the link to the questionnaire. Many Thanks !!


Peter Guidi: Our congratulations go out to Jazz flutist and Recording Artist Peter Guidi. Peter was recently granted a Knighthood by the Netherlands Government (Order of Oranje-Nassau) for his work in Jazz education. Be sure to check out www.peterguidi.com. Check Peter's photo's here.

The Highland Italian Circle now has a website. Check it out.


Canzone Napoletana classica - London based Neapolitan singer Giulio Vetrone available for hire. For details check out


Available in Scotland.

Villa for Sale

Via Cupa 129

At the foot of the Abruzzi mountains five minutes from the famous city of Cassino this beautifully restored four bedroomed villa offers spectacular views of Montecassino and Monte Caira.

Tastefully renovated with a magnificent garden complete with small olive grove. Ideal for visiting Rome and Amalfi with Skiing nearby.

Price 400,000 Euros

For more details email Victor Miele on victormiele@lineone.net or check out his website

House for Sale in Abruzzo

Further reduced

NOW £20,000

At the heart of Italy this wild and beautiful region is located only 50km from Rome.

Was £33,000

Fully furnished and equipped, this one bed roomed house is part of a new development on the edge of the village of Cellino Attanasio with magnificent views of the Gran Sasso Mountains. Beach 25km, Ski slopes only 53km.

Phone 01236426728 or email jmcn@blueyonder.co.uk

La Barca, Tuscany

House for sale, £85,000

La Barca is nestled in the Apuan Alps, famed for its marble, in one of the most picturesque locations of the region. 

This 200 year old stone terraced cottage has been fully renovated and restored in a sympathetic and traditional style to provide a low maintenance retreat in the Tuscan countryside. The cottage has a new roof, has been  replumbed and rewired throughout as well as having new bathroom facilities & central heating installed. All the walls have been replastered with in certain places the beautiful natural stone left on display.

Amenities close by include restaurants, shops, doctors and public transport. Skiing at Abetone and the beaches in Versilia are all within an hours drive. La Barca is 5 minutes from the town of Gallicano & 10 minutes from historic Barga.

  Contact: Shirley Parker-Gore tel. 020 8473 6670  or email parkergore@btopenworld.com

Holiday home for rent in the charming and stylish Pregelato, near Turin. The studio flat sleeps 5 and is ideally situated for skiing and walking.

This pretty village was the site for the ski jump and cross country events of the 2006 Winter Olympics. A small number of characteristic restaurants, bars, cafe's and boutiques make this destination a true gem.

Direct cable car access to Sestriere opens up over 400km of piste and larger facilities.

Visit Website

email: paolapasino@hotmail.com

Restaurant for Sale

Nestled in the Tuscan hills near the historic town of Barga

200.000 Euros - for more information please email.


Scottish, Irish and Italian staff, specialising in weddings in Rome and Umbria. Let us plan the perfect wedding in Italy for you.

Contact us: www.romandreams.it

Email: info@romandreams.it

Tel: 0039 346 24 14 599


The Italian Cultural Institute, founded in 1979, is an office of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Department for Cultural Promotion and Cooperation.

Getting married in the Barga, Lucca or Pisa area?

Want your own authentic piper for the big day?

Contact Nick MacVicar for further details.

Dolce Vita at an affordable price

If you're looking for Old Italy then look no further. If you're looking for a second home that offers you tranquillity, Italian authenticity and a slower pace of life – then you have arrived.

Read this article about the Italian Sustainable Tourism Project with houses for sale starting from just 25,000 Euros. This cost includes refurbishment and furnishing.




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